Sunday, March 17, 2013

2013 Best Document Sharing for Your Link Building

Top 20 Document sharing sites for exposure and traffic.


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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Filipino Standard SEO Packages

SEO Packages $ 500

1. Site analysis  - 1 time
2. Competition analysis - 1 time
3. Keyword research   - 1 time
4. On page optimization   15 pages
5. Landing page setup or creation if needed 10 pages
7. Tagging (H1, H2, H3, strong, alt and title tags )
8.  Long tailed or semantic keywords insertion and distribution to the pages using up to 3% density
8.  Webmaster submissions - Google and Bing
9.  Sitemap submissions   - Google
10. Resources page creation - one time
11. Social media integration  - facebook, twitter, google+, pinterst and Youtube
12. Press Release       2 per month
13. Directory submission 8  per month
14. Article submission   8   per month
15. Web 2.0 review   8   per month
16. social bookmarking   30   per month
17. Social media Fb update  20   per month
18. Social media Tweet update  20 per month
19. Wiki posting - 2 per month
20. social profile - 5 per month
21. Forum and commenting  - 10 per month
21. Video submissions  - 5 per month
22. Document sharing or slide show - 2 per month
23. infographics - 2 per months
24. Local map listing - one time
25. Reputation monitoring - one time
26. Monthly report    - one time
27. social blog posting - 2 per month
28. Pdf creation - 1 per month
29. Edu/gov links  - 2 per month
30. Guest blogging -  1 per month
31. Pinterest update - 5
32. Google+ update - 5

SEO Packlages $ 800

1. Site analysis  - 1 time
2. Competition analysis - 1 time
3. Keyword research   - 1 time
4. On page optimization   15 pages
5. Landing page setup or creation if needed 20 pages
7. Tagging (H1, H2, H3, strong, alt and title tags )
8.  Long tailed or semantic keywords insertion and distribution to the pages using up to 3% density
8.  Webmaster submissions - Google and Bing
9.  Sitemap submissions   - Google
10. Resources page creation - one time
11. Social media integration  - facebook, twitter, google+, pinterst and Youtube
12. Press Release       4 per month
13. Directory submission 10  per month
14. Article submission   20 per month
15. Web 2.0 review   20  per month
16. social bookmarking   60   per month
17. Social media Fb update  20   per month
18. Social media Tweet update  20 per month
19. Wiki posting - 5 per month
20. social profile - 10 per month
21. Forum and commenting  - 20 per month
21. Video submissions  - 10 per month
22. Document sharing or slide show - 4 per month
23. infographics - 4 per months
24. Local map listing - one time
25. Reputation monitoring - one time
26. Monthly report    - one time
27. social blog posting - 4 per month
28. Pdf creation - 2 per month
29. Edu/gov links  - 4 per month
30. Guest blogging -  2 per month
32. Google+ update - 5

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sample SEO Proposal

Here below are the content marketing activities "Monthly Task and responsibilities"

1. 100 Press Release Submissions (20 press release x 10 press release websites)

2. 20 Press releases, 400+ words written

3. 5 Unique Articles will be written

4. 5 Web 2.0 Properties will be made

5. 5 Unique “how to Articles” will be written

6. 5 Facebook Pages will be created

7. 5 Twitter channels will be created

8. Will increase twitter followers

9. 1 Youtube channel will be created

10. 10 Youtube videos will be created by

11. Will likes, shares, tweets, reddits, and 1+ in order to get natural backlinks

12. Anchor text diversity (will not use Exact keywords for backlinks).

13. Will get Natural backlinks by link worthy articles

14. Will draft & submit 5 articles to

15. Will create Google+ page for your business

16 Will distribute 15 post daily via Google+ Page

17. Will participate in Forum

18. Will create blog for your website

19. Will make 1 post daily on your blog

20. Will bookmark real content to leading 150 Social Bookmarking sites as digg, delicious

21. Will submit your website to 10 leading Webdirectories as
On-Page work activities "Follow only first month"

22. Meta tags/Title tag changes

23. Keyword research/Analysis

24. Competitor Analysis

25. Analysis by our Paid SEOMoz Program

26. Heading tag changes

27. Alt tag changes

28. Interlinking wherever required.

29. Keyword density in site content.

30. HTML Site Map

31. XML site map and Submission in webmaster tool

32. Ror.XML File creation

33. Robots.Txt File creation Extra work activities

34. Google Webmaster tool

35. Google Analytics

36. Html to text ratio optimization

37. Keyword Prominence

Friday, January 11, 2013

Simple Social Media Contest.

San Miguel Corporation is running a simple social media contest. The contest is just to write a review of their San Miguel Lifestyle Brews. They encourage to include some pictures of your barkada while enjoying the beer.

The first prize for the contest is a hotel accommodation for 3days/2 nights at Sofitel Hotel in Manila, the 2nd prize is Dinner at Spiral Restaurant while spa package for 2 at any convinient location.

They also have 100 bloggers consolation prizes which is the product itself.

It the review, they required to include the San Mig pictures with URL or landing page. The landing page  will serve as marketing sales page of the product where the content of the page will lead you to like their social media profiles.

Of course once you like the page, you will receive regular updates from the San Mig.

The contest is pretty simple yet they did not mention the method of selecting the winner of the competition. Nevertheless, its exiting to join since i myself is a fan of San Mig yet i am hard core and i love the original.

For all social media outhere, this is the way to run a social media competition.

  • All you have to do is a poster about the contest, 
  • detailed mechanics of the contest indicating how you like the participants to join and what are the requirements,
  • then the prizes (serves as the motivator) and 
  • finally the best landing page ever.

This is how your run a contest and best of all it so simple.

you will notice that there are no SEO objective in this contest, no ranking and no keywords. Its pure natural and of course those who will get the rank will be because of the site inherent authority.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sample Website Report

Annual Report

1. Ranking - By the end of 2011, there are 6 keywords that are giving traffics but by the end of Dec 2012, we got 19 keywords ranking from 1st page to 3rd page of search engine. Wire break locator is rank 3rd while petsafe locators is 3rd. dog invisible fence is 7th and pet containment system is 9th. Invisible fence which is brand of other company is rank 10th. Invisible fence company is rank 10th too.

New keyword like underground wire tracker is rank 22nd. This should be the priority this coming week. I need new keywords so i need do a keyword research. We need new keywrods to add more opportunity and bring more traffics.

2. Traffics

The whole year of 2011, we have a total of 11,818 visitors while in the endo of 2012 we have a total of 19,249 visitors or 39% unique visitors improvement. This is due to the fact that we have more keywords that are ranking nowadays. However, during the first year of optimization we got an average of 3pages per visitors while in 2013 each visitors open between 2 to 3 pages.

Each site unique visitors stays 3minutes in 2011 while in 2013 day stays 2minutes only. This is happening when the number of visitors increased. In 19,249 visitors for 2013, 82% of it are new visitors while the remaining 18% are returning visitors from 2011.

3. Referrals

The site major activity is search engine marketing. We did not able to have a full social media campaign which i should done this year through creating profiles on major sites. I should create its facebook, tweeter, pinterest and google plus accounts. start building community of those members that are interested in dogs.

In 2011, Google provided us 8572 visitors but by 2013, Google send us 15808 visitors or a 46% visitors increase. Returning visitors in 2011 is 2047 while returning visitors in 2013 is 3407 or 40% in all.

In 2011, youtube send us 73 visitors only, but by 2012, we got 349 visitors from youtube. This is 79% increase in youtube performance. I need to optimize the youtube video by submitting more videos on social media as well as in other websites.

In 2011 stumbleupon send us 31 visitors but in 2013 we only got 7. It means i should submit more on stumbleupon. Facebook only provide 15 visitors in 2013. Nothing we got from tweeter. this is due to lack of tips and guides in our site.

4. Keyword perofarmance

By 2011, Google introduce the category "not provider" or visitors of the site that do not accept cookies or wanted to stress they online privacy making their keyword unknown to the site owner.

Not provided traffic this 2011 is 1026 only but by end of 2012 we got 2510 visitors wanted to hide their identity. The invisible fence keyword send us 2362 visitors last 2011 but by 2012 we only got 1920 visitors. The number did not grow and became smaller because we stop optimization due to issue on this keyword which actually against branding algorithm of google. Invisible dog fence improve its visitors for the past 2 years. In 2012 invisible dog fence keyword send us 65% traffic improvements.

Wire break locator is a unique keyword and less competition that is why we ramin on rank 1 and it give us 371 visitors on 2011 while in 2012 we got 342 visitors. Maybe the search volume got lowered or there are new products that has the same function with good branding name. Dfna locator is a created brand, it got 110 traffics in 2011 and it now has 260 visitors in 2012. This increase is more than 50%. The keyword underground wire locator maybe the right term for the locators because in 2011 we got 59 visitors but at 2013 we got 215 visitors. This is more than 300% improvement.

Invisible fence wire has a good search volume this 2013 and it did send us 126 visitors. Pet containment system is the general term of the products. It did not give visitors in 2011 but we got 65 visitors this 2013.

Overall we have good link building campaign in this site but the change in algorithm have cause the ranking to move and it is now more on social media and diversification of links.I hope you can update the video in youtube or you can get video testimonials.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

SEO Search Engine Operator for Present Algorithm

Superior search instructions will be the cornerstone regarding “good, old-fashioned Search engine marketing.” By that, After all ale doing SEO removed along, without tons of instruments.

In the globe that is soaked along with SEO software solutions, advanced look for orders will be the man versus. crazy of the lookup planet. In the event you obtain a better understanding of superior research commands, you'll become a lot more resourceful when performing down-and-dirty website auditing, link prospecting, along with opponent investigation.

Before we have involved with it, a brief please note: there are numerous purposes of these innovative look for commands that you could effortlessly publish an entirely publication onto it -- or at best a new novella.

Also, should you be by using these lookup orders throughout another amazing method that We don't mention, remember to leave any comment. I love locating fresh purposes of innovative look for directions, as do SEW's audience!

Wonderful nevertheless, let's study one of the most great innovative look for workers pertaining to Yahoo and google and Ask and how to make use of them.

Foundation associated with a Lookup Control Search engine optimisation: Google Instructions


Wherever Else Countless uses for flash: Yahoo and google, Yahoo, Blekko [/site], Yandex, Baidu
*note:internet site:may possibly conduct themselves slightly in another way inside people search engines

Classification: Adding website: for your issue may minimize the search results to the particular domain you might have particular. [site:case in]

The way to End up being Amazing From it: It is possible to scan indexed URLs to acquire a concept of information structures, possible replicate articles issues, and obtain a concept of total quantity of webpages indexed.

Pro Tip: Blend Site: together with inurl: or allinurl: [may not necessarily operate in all lookup engines] to analyze distinct parts of a niche site. How big is your site of your competitor website in accordance with the approx . full pages found? How many of these type internet pages with no tend to be listed? What number of paginated internet pages are usually listed? What number of program Username pages are getting indexed? [site:illustration.internet inurl:sort=price]. Are the types bothersome non-www. variations of internet pages getting indexed. If you wish to assess articles in a internet site, the website: control is certainly a powerful instrument to possess with your toolkit.


In which Otherwise Technology-not only: Blekko [/similar]

Description: When you use the attached command, Yahoo and google may go back websites which are just like the web page you might have particular. [related:case in]

How you can End up being Wonderful From it: The related command was used to discover the actual "neighborhood" associated with backlinks. Nevertheless, remember that there is debate in the past about how correct this specific order is perfect for Search engines especially.

Intitle: as well as Allintitle:

In which Otherwise They can be used: Ask, Yandex, Baidu, DuckDuckGo

Classification intitle: When you use the particular query throughout title:, Google restricts the particular files that dividends to those that contain the phrase a person contained in the subject. [intitle:keyword]

allintitle: By using allintitle:, Search engines limits results to people who retain the key phrase which you per the identify. So if you lookup [internet marketing] search engines will still only fetch paperwork that have your search phrases ”internet” along with “marketing” within the title. Notice the inclusion of the combination. [allintitle:search phrase phrase]

The best way to End up being Wonderful With It: This specific order could be combined with a niche site: demand to help determine templated, slender or copy internet pages just by identifying a part of the title seems throughout the slim pages and looking out because of it. You will observe about how exactly a lot of types of internet pages Yahoo and google offers found.


Definition: wildcard() to look for conditions segregated simply by 1-5 terms
[internet - marketing] or perhaps [“internet * marketing”]

How you can Become Great From it: The orders mentioned above are a good way to get articles concerning particular matters to develop a prospective listing of leads to showcase in order to. Take into account, although, which even though these are generally powerful commands, they are just as well as the actual user who's executing these can be clever.

Respectable Describes

Yahoo Invert Graphic Look for

While this just isn't a sophisticated look for control, it's extremely cool! Follow on the tiny digicam in the Yahoo and google impression search pub and you'll issue an image url or perhaps a neighborhood report and yes it notifys you each of the spots exactly where your impression has been found. If you are a picture large website, you can actually find internet sites who have snagged your current photographs and enquire of all of them to get a ticket to your site. Additionally it is entertaining to see just how picture content trips.

Yahoo and google Unchanged

Again, this isn't looking command, but Google Unchanged lets you look for while using the actual search term an individual entered, therefore no spelling modifications, zero exchanging words and phrases using synonyms, with no terms sticking with the same come, as well as modification. Word for word gives you search engine rank with no preservative chemicals. To access word for word coming from a Yahoo and google SERP, visit Search equipment, then you'll definitely still find it within the Almost all Final results sub-menu.

Fresh And glossy: Yahoo Research Commands


Explanation: Dividends all pages and posts which can be linked-to from a domain.

The best way to Be Awesome With It: This particular order enables you to check out look into the url neighborhood to get a internet site and for finding possible sites for connecting in order to regarding marketing uses.

Internet protocol:

Definition: This kind of control results originating results from internet sites as well as subdomains for your furnished IP address. Another thing to be aware about it order is always that prefix-matching is also feasible from it, therefore ip address:Fifth 89 earnings the website Internet protocol:Fifth thererrrs 89.356.567.Seventy six if it is throughout Bing's list.

The way to Always be Amazing With It: This kind of command can be used when you’re trying to map out a potential hyperlink network that will live on the same Internet protocol for competition investigation or backlink removal tasks.


Description: website: order lets you know if a given Website is in Bing's directory.

The way to Become Awesome from it: This kind of order is similar to the actual Yahoo cache: command. The url: demand is often a useful one to run to discover in case a distinct web page can be spidered in msn you aren't. This can be of great help for diagnosing if you’re using a crawling problem in Ask beyond just using Msn Internet marketer Instruments.


Explanation: The particular Website: order limits brings about the particular site that is certainly particular. This control in addition results any kind of suffix matches. The big difference between the actual site demand along with the site: demand is that web site: searches as much as 2 amounts merely. In addition, take into account that IP is not combined with this particular control.

Tricks for Msn Sophisticated Look for Instructions

Ask Meta Workers

Classification: A new meta operator is an agent which is used with other operators. Has a easy list being a parameter along with earnings benefits according to in which. One of these of this inside Bing is key phrase:(intitle inbody)computer software. The particular creation of this order would certainly change roughly as intitle:software program or even inbody:software.

How To Be Awesome From it: While you’re hunting for a kind of content with wonderful detail, this is very helpful.

Other Enjoyable Msn Commands pertaining to Geeks

Subtle Distinctions includes: and also filetype: throughout Ask

The consists of: operator returns webpages in which url to other papers and multimedia system like audio, movie, PDF, and so forth. Conversely, “filetype:” earnings internet pages which created in the structure that is given, coming back again .pdf paperwork, in case you distinct filetype:pdf.

Comprehension words and phrases encompassing confirmed search term employing in close proximity to:

Your around: owner mission to find a unique key phrase that is certainly within just selection of one more expression. Msn documents provides the illustration of foo in close proximity to:Ten club outlining it as being, “Ordering is known as throughout ranking. Hence, in this illustration, pages that contain pub 15 phrases or perhaps a smaller amount right after foo might receive a higher rise in position than webpages in which foo seems 10 terms or perhaps less right after pub. Nonetheless, with regards to the rest of the question, this won't necessarily mean how the past will be rated above the latter.”

Blekko Exciting Search engine marketing Slashtags

Though Blekko Search engine marketing information is will no longer absolve to everyone, here are a few cool slashtags that we also have fun messing around with.


Explanation: Lets you understand the back links to a internet site.


Classification: Permits you to look into the interest in inner web pages of your web site.


Definitions: These instructions exhibits URLs which have written content that's the same as that relating to the web site you are thinking about. This enables you to speedily check for articles theft.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Community from Scratch: Building Online Brand

User-generated content, viral marketing, online word of mouth, third-party endorsement — all buzz terms that any digital marketer wants to be able to excel at using, turning out for the positive for bosses, boards, colleagues, and even friends. Everyone, I mean everyone in the marketing game can use more tips and “how to’s”, and to that end here are a few more.

he marketing player that manages to get all these online communicative balls rolling, stardom and awards naturally wait. However, accolades and awards are not that easy to come by, that is until a sort of mastery is attained. The question is; “How do you get that very obstinate object to start moving?”

At Savoo, this question was asked of us around 18 months ago. “How do we get a whole bunch of bloggers to like and talk about us when they have never heard of us before?” “Your challenge”, a big U.S. boss said in the American drawl, “is to have a community of bloggers who want to work with Savoo, and who want to tell others about how working with Savoo is great fun.” Cue the sweats, a fake smile, and a few sleepless nights.

Why did the decision maker want us to take this strategic approach to external communications? Well, all of the above suggested reasons, but also because we believe this is a long-term SEO play. The more friends we have out there providing us with links and social media mentions, the more chance there is of Google trusting and respecting our site, seeing us as a genuine ‘brand’. This is true at least in theory, and so far “seemingly” in results.

Eighteen months on, we now sit here with a community of 30 excellent bloggers, whom we call, DealPros (because they all know where to get a deal). Some of these, we have taken some to New York for a conference; we have provided them with PR opportunities to expose their blogs and products for review, and even hosted our own event in a nice hotel. This aspect is just common sense reciprocity, but there’s more.

We have also gained over the course, and I will admit that we made some mistakes along the way, a passionate community that is growing all the time. In fact, we have had to stop ‘recruiting’ because we felt we wanted to maintain a level of service to the existing community first, before expanding further. This took some time, blood (I cut myself putting a stand up at an event), sweat, and almost tears, to achieve (which is one reason why I wanted to pass along some tips).

Without further eloquence, here are 10 key tips that should help your efforts:

  1. Choose Your Niche
    Look at your analytics and see who uses your site. Then, you can best come up with a specific group of bloggers to target. There’s no point in going for a fashion blogger when you are a DIY site.
  2. Think Like a Salesman, Not a PR Person
    PR people can get too wrapped up in ‘key messages’ and copying and pasting boring press releases. Imagine you are talking to your blogger in a pub and not across a board room table.
  3. Consider “What Do They Want to Drink?”
    Well, not exactly, but what do they like in their life? What do they write about? What’s important to them? Have they written about something that relates to your product in the last few weeks? A pint of Stout person needs a different approach to a white wine spritzer person.
  4. Be a Horse for All Courses
    Just because one person drinks Guinness and one person Sauvignon Blanc, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be relevant to them. Find a generic proposition that can be the foundations for your specific sales angles. In our case, everyone loves saving money, whether a mom of five or a single fashionista.
  5. Remember That It’s the Giving That Counts
    Bloggers nowadays get as many emails as journalists, so make sure you remember that you have to be able to give THEM something.  They were not put on this cyber planet to provide you with coverage, links, reviews, etc.  And don’t offer their best of enemies the same deal, as it totally dilutes the offer and will leave a nasty taste in their mouth.
  6. If You’re Gonna Go Big, Go Early
    Make a statement of intent. Show the cyber world that you mean business, and you are here for the duration. Pick a couple of top targets and do something for them that will just nudge that ball a bit.
  7. Don’t Forget:
    Once You Have Engaged with Some Bloggers, You Need to Engage Again and Again
    They will soon think you are a flash in the pan, unless you go back to them with something bigger and even better within weeks. It’s obvious, but use Twitter to monitor what they are saying and you can even set up a Skype room where members of the community can chat amongst themselves to discuss shared interests. You can always use competitions to keep the super users coming back for more.
  8. We Are Family: Host an Event Where You Invite Your Family Together
    It might be once a year and you may be dreading it, but like your own family, when you are together, there is a nice warm glow to things. Well, most families anyway. Remember these guys work, too, so the chances they can come to an event with a week’s notice is unlikely.
  9. Remember “This is Not Free”
    You need to pledge some money to the success of  this program. The event costs money; the sponsoring of them to go to events costs money; the travel costs money. This is part of your marketing strategy, and you should budget accordingly. It’s cost effective, but it does costs and you need to invest. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  10. Remember Timing is Crucial
    Once you understand your community, you should understand how they live their lives. Moms are busy with kids in August; Christmas is stressful for everyone, and in the New Year we all need something to look forward to. Talk to them like people. Ask what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. The chances are they will tell you.

There are loads of other tips, but I’ll let you find them out as you start your journey. But hopefully, some of these are slightly different from the usual blogger engagement tactics you hear from PR folk at agencies. If you follow these guidelines, I am confident you should be able to generate good quality links, word of mouth, and brand advocate—all of which will please those at Google in the long run.

One final piece of advice here.  Ideally, you want to value your community so much that you have their mobile numbers. That way, you can text any or all of  them to ask for help with coverage at a given moment, instance of need, etc.